Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Rick Miller writes:

1) So long as it's in the opposition, where should the Republican Party focus its energy?

Our energy needs to be focused in several areas: exposing the truth about every initiative coming from the liberal Congress and the President; educating the voters about the issues affecting our Country; reaching out to all people including the whites and ethnic groups who share our conservative values and principles; mobilizing the base into a strong and vibrant grassroots effort focused on getting out the vote in 2010; and most importantly, finding and electing the “right people for the right positions who when elected, will do the right things for the right reasons” and not be influenced by special interest groups and lobbyists. Here in Fort Bend County, we are minority neutral and we hold 27 of 31 elected offices, and working to move into the areas specifically set-up to be Democrat.

2) What is the most worrisome part of Barack Obama's presidency?

The most worrisome aspect is clearly being shown...he is not qualified to be President. Meaning that he had NO executive experience prior to his election. The “job” is clearly above his head and capabilities. He had been “manufactured” over the previous 8 to 10 years by the far left. When he tries to be decisive, he makes a bad decision and has to back-off or change his approach to the issue, like the speech to the children. When he needs to be decisive, he can’t as we are seeing with the Afghanistan situation. He will say one thing for expediency and then try to do another. The other aspects that worry me are: his continual focus on himself, in a narcissistic manner, that everything is about him...”I am the President” – just listen to the speech he gave to the Olympic Committee; his continual apologies for America around the world; an Administration that continually attempts to or does violate the Constitution; the intrusion of government into corporate America; the lack of focus on the real issues facing America today – the economy and jobs; and the out-of-control spending by this Administration. We thought it was bad when President Bush was there...we haven’t seen anything yet if this President and Congress keep going the way they have the first 10 months. I am a a proud American...a Christian...a veteran of 30 years of active duty service to my country...and a Republican conservative. It appears that I am a real threat to this Administration. It is embarrassing to me when this President talks about our Country the way he has...and when I see him cozying up to some of the world’s most horrendous dictators. I served my Country to preserve the liberties and freedoms the Founding Fathers gave us...and will continue to do so as long as I live. If it was not for this Country, the world might just be speaking German and Japanese. This President should be proud of America...and be doing everything he can to preserve it...not destroy it.

3) There's been a lot of debate about the role that talk radio and cable news hosts should play on the right. Particularly controversial are Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Mark Levin. What do you think about these folks? Do they help the right or hurt it (or is it more complicated than that?) How should Republicans interact with them?

I think these folks are the only ones exposing the truth for America. The liberal media is still in love with this man...when will they catch a clue...perhaps when they go out of business. The press is supposed to report the facts...not make them like they are or over look them. Most Americans want to know the truth..and they want the Government out of their personal lives. I believe both of these groups help our efforts...the conservatives and the liberals. Where else are we going to get the straight talk? Just look at the ratings...liberal media and TV DOWN...conservative radio and TV UP. This love affair with Obama is about to end...can you count the successes he has had? Not many. And is he for America or against us? Hard to tell with some of his far right, socialistic policies or legislation he wants to enact. We need to interact with these people who only want to bring us the truth...and in every way we can. Just look at the 2.3 or so million people who marched on the Capitol a few weeks ago...was that real or not? Of course it was real, but the liberal media didn’t cover it and said that there were far less in attendance than were actually there. And what about the NY Times...profitable? Not in any way. So why is this? Reporting the truth? Not too much. Same thing here with the Houston Chronicle...circulation DOWN...BIG. People don’t want the garbage...so we don’t have to buy it.

4) One particularly fraught controversy pertains to race in America -- with the first black president in the White House, some conservatives have been criticized as racists for opposing him, and some on the right have accused the Obama Administration or its allies of racism or anti-white sentiments (for example, Sonja Sottomayor's "wise Latina" comment drew fire, as did the Skip Gates incident). As the righ
t thinks about political strategy and policy, how should it approach matters of race?

The issue is not race for the vast majority of Republican conservatives. We oppose the man and what he believes and what he is trying to do to take our country hard left...not because of the color of his skin. The issue of racism comes from the blacks themselves or the left who want to make this an issue, when it suites their purpose. But the issue should not be about race or color. Did the President tell the the truth when he was giving his speech to Congress? I think not. But because one Congressman made a statement...perhaps out of place...it must have been racial. It certainly wasn’t racial, but the left tried to make it such as did some of the media. I think it is terrific that we have a black man as President...we just got the wrong one. We must reach out to the “people of color” in every way we can...but not just to these people...to ALL Americans. The majority of these people share our conservative family and government values and principles...they have been told to vote the other way, just because. The only ones who are perpetuating the ideas of racism are the folks on the left...think about it. Personally, I don’t see people regarding their skin color...that’s just the way God made them. And I believe the vast majority of Republicans are like me. But if things don’t go the way the left or this President wants it to go, then the reason must be racial. This is utter nonsense and harmful to our Country.

5) Is there anything you observe locally, or that Republicans in your area of the country care about, that doesn't get sufficient attention in the national media conversation? If so tell me a bit about the issue, and the approach you think the right ought to take.

All of the critical issues facing our country...fiscal responsibility, role of government, taxation, family values, the economy, the hard left movement of the Administration...all of the values and principles we stand on as Republicans are being attacked...and not reported. I must admit, I have not watched a CBS, NBC or ABC news program for several years. What we see here is the reaction to all of these issues. Texas is one of the few states that is holding strong in all of these areas...and we are proud of what this state has accomplished. Perhaps one reason is that all of our State Officials are Republicans.

6) Traditionally the Republican Party has been a coalition of religious conservatives, libertarians, fiscal conservatives, and national security conservatives. Is that alliance viable going forward? If so, what must be done to hold it together? If not, what alliance should the GOP try to build?

It is a viable alliance going forward and I believe it will only get stronger. Why? Because this President, his Administration and the liberal Congress are waking up a lot of people up...and it will only continue to do so. Consider the Town Hall meetings on healthcare...consider the Tea Party Express and other related efforts...who do you think these people are who are showing up, standing up and speaking up? They represent all of the groups you mentioned along with a growing number of moderate Democrats who are “seeing the light.” I would add these folks to your list. We must capitalize on all of what is happening by keeping people informed and energized...and we will.

7) Is there anything I didn't ask about that you'd like the media or the country as a whole to know?

YES...speak the truth...be the truth. Don’t make up things...give the people what they need to know to make good decisions. There are far too many critical issues facing our country for the press to not be telling Americans the truth. And don’t attempt to destroy people who may not agree with your personal political philosophy. Report the facts...just the facts, whether they are good or not about the President or anyone else in the political arena, be they Republicans or Democrats. This idea of personal destruction is not the American way.

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