Friday, October 16, 2009


Dear Conor,

Many questions, little time. But here goes, in a nutshell what I am thinking about our future.

I have distilled down to the simplest concept of what it is we are (perhaps, ‘should be’ would be a better phrase) about: LIBERTY. How do we insure the blessings of liberty in the face of changing situations and dynamics. How do we maintain liberty as a desirable concept in the face of a state apparatus that wants ever more power and treasure? How to we promote liberty and honest government as many of our fellow citizens seem willing to sell their birth right for social spending from a corrupt system?

No one knows what challenges may arise that may change our situation in sudden and significant ways but knee jerk reactions such as the Patriot Act, McCarran Act and other government actions impose increased limits on liberty but are very hard to revoke.


Republicans take the Constitution seriously when it comes to the whole “protect and defend” business and believe strongly in the “provide for common defense” phrase as it pertains to why we have a government in the first place. We frequently abandon notions of personal liberty when the security of the state is threatened or perceived to be. Republicans should think about this problem: when does the concept of security trump liberty and how to we find a balance and when do we discard restrictions? Note that Mr. Obama and the Dem controlled congress has not modified or revoked the Patriot Act.

LAW AND ORDER: one of our favorite issues. What we really want is citizens to act like Citizens without additional restrictions on liberty. A noble aspiration to be sure but frequently found to be a vain hope. We have to learn to be critical and selective on new laws regulating human behavior. Also, we must remain sensitive to the abuse of civil rights and the rush to judgment for heinous crimes.

We need party discipline. Would it not serve to throw out some miscreants from time to time? Bill Postmus, Ted Stevens and others that have used politics and the GOP to secure personal gain?
We need to develop and reward a hard core of party cadre to focus our efforts.

In a nutshell: leave the abortion debate to others, emphasize self-reliance and personal responsibility, work to de-fund the left, define and promote liberty, identify environmental greenness as a threat to freedom.

I could go on and on but you are probably already bored and I want to watch the Dodgers.

Thaddeus Taylor


  1. +1 to this guy for recognizing that there is a conflict between personal liberty and national security measures. Of course, he's the only one who believes this out of the respondents so far, which is disappointing.

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