Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Mr. Friedersdorf:

Thank you for your interest in grassroots opinion. It is certainly a new twist in political journalism. The “debate within the Republican Party” you refer to is not going on at the grassroots level. The “debate” is merely a fabrication of the mainstream media, in itself a misnomer as there is nothing mainstream about it. I will tell you that grassroots America is mad and it is obvious to anyone who will open their eyes and look.

I have received many requests from academia, particularly graduate students, wanting to survey those of us involved in local politics. I cordially thank them for their interest but I decline their requests because I have no reason to trust their intent or the purposes to which they will put information. It is too easy to misuse survey information or, worse, to twist it to suit personal political bias.

Your request would lead one to think you are an objective journalist with a conservative leaning. However, that is not exactly true. Therefore, I must decline your request although your questions do go straight to points that have not been covered by the media. Congratulations for realizing that.

Malcolm Green, Chairman
Grimes County Republican Party

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