Wednesday, October 7, 2009


1) So long as it's in the opposition, where should the Republican Party focus its energy?

The Republican Party should focus its energy on Americans losing their freedoms.

2) What is the most worrisome part of Barack Obama's presidency?

The most worrisome part of Obma's Presidency is that he either does not understand what made America great, or that he wants to totally change it to a socialistic nation,

3) There's been a lot of debate about the role that talk radio and cable news hosts should play on the right. Particularly controversial are Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Mark Levin. What do you think about these folks? Do they help the right or hurt it (or is it more complicated than that?) How should Republicans interact with them?

The only voice Americans have is the talk radio and cable, The national media cannot be trusted to report facts. They may as well be on Obama's campaign team!

4) One particularly fraught controversy pertains to race in America -- with the first black president in the White House, some conservatives have been criticized as racists for opposing him, and some on the right have accused the Obama Administration or its allies of racism or anti-white sentiments (for example, Sonja Sottomayor's "wise Latina" comment drew fire, as did the Skip Gates incident). As the right thinks about political strategy and policy, how should it approach matters of race?

Race will always be used in politics. Democrats like to tout what they have done for minorities but they are kept in slavery as a result. Democrats talk about helping minorities and Republicans actually help them. Look at who holds statewide offices in Texas!

5) Is there anything you observe locally, or that Republicans in your area of the country care about, that doesn't get sufficient attention in the national media conversation? If so tell me a bit about the issue, and the approach you think the right ought to take.

The media generally has minimized the impact of tea parties. They have energized the general public and have a far greater influence on the course of politics than most realize. The media (and the democrats) will wake up after the next general election.

6) Traditionally the Republican Party has been a coalition of religious conservatives, libertarians, fiscal conservatives, and national security conservatives. Is that alliance viable going forward? If so, what must be done to hold it together? If not, what alliance should the GOP try to build?

The Republican Party must be made up of people in groups who have credibility and character. Americans want honesty in government not what we have now!!

7) Is there anything I didn't ask about that you'd like the media or the country as a whole to know?

It is important that the American people know the backgrounds of those who make up our government. They want people with stature and common decency running government. They want people running government who would be good to have living next door!

It is time for American citizens to take back their government, to get back to our constitution and make it the rule and guide of our government. No more czars and executive orders. No more voting on unread legislation! No more earmarks that circumvent our appropriation process. We need term limits and to do away with the automatic annuual pay increases of Congressmen.

I apologize for this rambling. It's difficult to put into logical words the disgust I feel for our so-called government1

M. A. Taylor, Vice Chair, McLennan County Republican Party
(former member Texas Legislature)


  1. This is mind-numbing, elementary idiocy. Congrats.

  2. Where did he find minorities in Texas statewide offices (other than 2 guys on railroad commission)?

  3. The Republican Party should focus its energy on Americans losing their freedoms.

    Where were you when George W. was imprisoning American citizens without charges and spying on them without warrants?

    It really seems that the GOP is incapable of separating the "loss of freedom" and "loss of power".

  4. They want people running government who would be good to have living next door!

    And who you'd want to marry your sister?

    Or is this just "The President's most important quality is whether or not you'd want to have a beer w/ him?"

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