Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Harvey L. Skinner writes:

I belive we are in a debate as to what should be the GOP mantra. Some believe we should have religion as a litmus test of a genuine republican. I argue this has lead us intoridicule because we position ourselves as the righious party and when our toe tappers and Brazialian trips are exposed we fall into ridicule . Whearas the Dems can have an openly queer sitting as chair and nothing is held against the party or the individual. I say yes we hope and pray you do go to church and hold up all Gods values but the litmus test is how are you fiscially. Ronald Regan had a big tent attitude I believe we too should.Lobby against earmarks and demand our people adhear to this standard. Lobby and use you voice and vote to become the American party of the common man and not be cast as the big business party. Somehow we must reach out to people of color especially Latinos. Our president is our president I respect and salute the office .I have little if any resect for the prent holder and most of his followers. We are rushing into Sosialism and that is where we need focus our energies in poing this out not on how many hail marys did you say. Keep pointing to the many mistakes he has made in his appointees. As to race if any issues involves a black ,someone will immeditally say race. example after example can be shown ,lartes is Pres Carter. W/O any proff he shows up screamming race. We need to seperate the office and the man. My county has ony 2 office holders that are Dems and these 2 have assured me they will file with me so we will be solid GOP. Our group have a small hard core mean spirited group a larger silent group of fair minded folk, some litmus test religious people, but the main group is solid fiscialy conservative. we must keep alive the rush to inflation facts the loss of USA world status due to $$$spending. Our debt must be reduced and the only way is the printing press which leads to Germany pre ww2 style money. Chide the churches for their lacking the leadership but do not confuse what our party should be about. Incidentally i am a very conservative christian ( Church of Christ) . We are to the right of the southern Baptist. We need to demand the media be more open and not purely liberal..........hs


  1. Well, they certainly did in this respondent's case...

  2. I think the words you're looking for is "OMG, WTF?"

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